DIY Friday: Origami Corner bookmark

Hello! Hello! Hello!

It’s the first Friday of March and that means it’s time for another DIY Friday. It can be either crafts, jewelry, recipes or any other type of thing that crosses my mind. I hope you all enjoy these as much as I love making them. Allons-y!

This month’s craft is again super easy to make and practical for every book lover.

Origami Corner bookmark

Here is what they look like in the end. So let’s get started.


To make these I used :


  • Craft paper that you can get at Michaels or any other craft store. They are also great for scrapbooking.
  • Could need scissors or paper trimmer

Step 1: You’ll need to start with a square piece of paper. I’ve worked with 6 in x 6in or 5in x 5in. I used a paper trimmer to make my squares.

Step 2: Take your paper and fold it in half across diagonally.

Step 3: Take the bottom right corner and fold it up to meet the center point. Repeat with the left corner.

Step 4: Open back out and lay flat. Take the top point and fold it down to meet the bottom edge of the paper. This will form a pocket.

Step 5: Take the left corner and fold it back up but this time tuck it into the pocket before creasing and pressing flat. Repeat using the right-hand corner to finish your bookmark.

Step 6: Slip your origami corner bookmark onto your page.


Let’s chat!

So what do you think? Let me know if you enjoy these tutorials. Leave me a comment.



3 thoughts on “DIY Friday: Origami Corner bookmark

  1. This is awesome! I think the only thing that would stump me here is where to find the paper 😂 Might have to order it online but this is such a fun idea! I will definitely do some this weekend I think 😀


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